We've moved!

Apologies for the lull between blog posts - we've been busy moving flat! And it really is as stressful as everyone says it is.


I won't bore you with the full details, but in short our paperwork wasn't completed until late afternoon on the day we moved. Which technically means that neither the deal on the sale of our flat nor the purchase of our new flat had actually happened... or in other words, it could all still have fallen through at the last minute! Meanwhile, all our stuff was loaded into a removals van with three very (understandably) grumpy men who had to wait until we got the go ahead to pick our keys.

I won't reveal our new place quite yet (though you might have already had a sneak peek over on my Instagram). Instead, here a few final photos of our Comely Bank Street - empty. It was very sad saying goodbye, but the new chapter is too exciting to dwell on that for long. Pics soon, I promise!