Living room tour

Our living room plays lots of roles. It's where we relax at the end of a very long day - curl up with a book, binge on Netflix, cosy up in front of the fire. So before we move to our new place, I just wanted to give you a quick peek around our current living room.


As you can tell from the photos - I'm definitely a maximalist! No white walls and uncluttered spaces here, sorry! For me, more is more. More books, more colours, more textures.

Most of the furniture was mixed and matched from flea markets and family. We found our green leather Chesterfield sofa on Gumtree; my (Persian!) dad bought me our Persian carpet; and the amazing mirror above our fireplace was found at a car boot sale.  Throws and blankets were picked up on our travels.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 21.24.53.png

I suspect in our next home I will try to edit and tone down the clash of patterns and textures a tiny bit more - but no promises!